Great eLearning doesn't have to be expensive!!
Annual Class Licence = $140 or Annual School Licence = $795 (other pricing options)
Provides 24/7 access at both school and home
Skoolbo may be purchased by schools on a per class basis or as a whole school. For most schools a whole school licence will result in the lowest cost per student.

Class and school licences provide 24/7 access at both school and home.

Whole School Licence
12 months: $795 NZD

Class Licence
1 month: $25 NZD
3 months: $60 NZD
6 months: $95 NZD
12 months: $140 NZD
10 Reasons Why Skoolbo is Brilliant for Teachers
  1. Skoolbo provides a differentiated and personalised learning experience for students. Skoolbo helps teachers meet the needs of every child.
  2. A perfect class and home activity. The Daily Challenge draws together a 20-minute learning experience unique to each child. Can be easily incorporated into the teaching program regardless of level of technology in school.
  3. Full curriculum coverage. Skoolbo contains over 10,000 learning activities in Reading, Writing, Phonics, Spelling, Maths, Languages, Science, Music, Art, Physical Activity, Financial Literacy and Brain Games.
  4. A digital library of over 500 early readers and chapter books. My Reading is a portfolio of student reading that allows teachers, parents and students to replay previous reading and see progress over time.
  5. Phenomenal improvement rates. 94.3% of children master a learning skill inside 20 minutes on Skoolbo.
  6. Smart tools for teachers and parents. Reporting features enable you to target your teaching to areas of greatest need to the exact student who needs assistance.
  7. Students love it! Skoolbo places tremendous emphasis on motivating children in their learning. We know that a motivated and engaged learner is on a fast track to success! The Skoolbo rewards system is a combination of short, medium and long-term goals.
  8. Enormous time saver for teachers. Assists tremendously in the areas of personalising learning, resource creation, marking and photocopying.
  9. Teacher training and support. School licences come with a 30-minute teacher training as well as unlimited email support.
  10. Fantastically good value! No risk, 30-day money back guarantee if not 100% happy!
What do teachers say?
WE LOVE SKOOLBO in my classroom. I have been using Skoolbo for 6 years now and it is SO amazing! - Kacy
Love using Skoolbo in the classroom with my students and at home with my daughter! My students love that they are able to get new achievements by way of different Snazzimals or gaining access to the locked games by getting numbers in their apple. My students think that they are just playing a game but they are actually learning to add, subtract, put together sentences, and more. I love this program! - Raquel
Absolutely outstanding resource to have in every class in primary schools! Our pupils from reception up to year 6 love using skoolbo in school and at home! Our parents love it too as they can see the progress that their child is making! the children always nag to use skoolbo whether on our interactive whiteboard, iPads Chromebooks or PCs. thank you so much Skoolbo team! - Sarah
Skoolbo provides a safe, fun online environment for children to increase their learning. I like that I can set specific tasks to various children and then see how well they have performed the tasks. The children enjoy the competitive element of the games. It is easy to access and use once the Logins have been set up. There is also the option for children to practise the skills at home.- Phyllis
I LOVE your product….best classroom app of all time!! - Kristin
My students really enjoy Skoolbo. It is challenging for them and sometimes it moves a little fast for their processing skills. Overall, I love it because I can put them in an independent center and they can work at their own pace or during free time.- Vicki
This is a great way for your students to learn. My students are in Preschool most had never used a computer before. I can see a definite improvement in my students who use the program regularly, and they love it. It is so nice to see them excited about learning! - Heather
All my children just love challenging themselves on Skoolbo.......if they come 1st that is an extra bonus. Children of all ages are catered for in the excellent programs Skoolbo provides. What’s not to love on Skoolbo!! - Colin
Skoolbo is great. Skoolbo is a great resource. It has been wonderful to see it grow and prosper globally. Skoolbo offers me a great way to differentiate lessons for my students while providing them with an engaging format. I also love the teacher feedback - great data collection! Thank you so much for this great site. - Pam
Skoolbo is just what I needed for my students to get extra practice for reading and math. It tracks the progress and lets me know what they need to work on. My students really enjoy the activities. - Sonya